Logomark Tutor Intelligence

Tutor Intelligence is a full-service robotics and automation provider built to serve contract packagers. We partner with the world's largest 3PLs to automate what has stumped the industry for decades: short-run packaging and post-packaging where SKUs, patterns, orders, and volumes are constantly changing.

We'll work with you and your clients to deliver complete automation solutions integrated with our proprietary fleet of artificially intelligent robot arms, and offer flexible and affordable pricing per hour of usage.


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Tutor leverages artificial intelligence to automate the handwork in your facility. Our solutions automate:

Beyond handwork, Tutor robots are your eyes and ears on the floor, with the ability to flag problems and bottlenecks faster and more consistently than other human or automated approaches. Tutor's data and observability platform delivers continuous improvement powered by artificial intelligence and highly articulated metrics, reporting, and alerting.


At the heart of all Tutor deployments are our artificially intelligent collaborative robots and the software that integrates them with surrounding equipment in an Industry 4.0 operation. Artificial intelligence is the key ingredient. Tutor harnesses AI to deliver the flexibility and value that the contract packaging industry has been looking for.

Tutor's robots and observability solution are powered by the proprietary AI platform we developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Tutor Intelligence is a company rooted in the realities of industry, with a team operating at the leading edge of AI research. Our goal is to be your greatest ally and collaborator in bringing your operations into the artificial intelligence era.

Tutor Intelligence is a venture-backed startup headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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